50 Ways to Comfort a Woman in Labor

The Birth Deck: 50 Ways to Comfort a Woman in Labor

The Birth Deck by Glow®

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Techniques to Comfort the Mind

Hypnosis scripts, guided visualizations, words of encouragement and birth affirmations.

Support Techniques

All the odds and ends that make the biggest difference, from breathing patterns to breath mints.

Massage Techniques

Simple and powerful, massage is an easy way to help in labor - find the most useful techniques here!

Movement Suggestions

A selection of the best positions for a laboring woman, with clear instructions and illustrations.

Pregnant Customer Review

"My husband and I are expecting. I knew reading a book was not going to be something that I would be able to convince him to be necessary. He is my one support person in the delivery room with our current reality and it is nice to feel like he has some clue as to what to expect and how best support me. We look at the cards at night while we enjoy dinner and chat about each one. It has opened up good dialogue, got us both asking questions and setting us up to be a great team come D Day!" - Customer 04/25/20

Practitioner Review

"I am a doula and childbirth educator with extensive trauma training from my past profession. These cards are amazing, not only for the comfort techniques but also to simply reduce fear for those with anxiety. What an Incredible gift!" -Professional Customer 02/01/19

Support Partner Customer Review

"This s%*t works! The amount of information in this deck is incredible - we took an 8 hour course and learned a fraction of this. The Birth Deck was as much for my confidence as for my wife's comfort." -Customer 11/20/19

Thoughtful Friend Customer Review

"This is my go-to baby shower gift!! Always gets rave reviews from my mommy friends (only wish I had this before I had my two babies). Beautiful illustrations and clear wording, and such useful information. My best friends husband said it really helped HIM to help HER during delivery. If I could give this deck six stars, I would. Highly recommended!" -Customer 08/20/19


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