We're so excited that you're so excited about what you see here! Shop wholesale for cases of The Birth Deck and You've Got This at FAIRE MARKETPLACE.


When we released The Birth Deck in 2018, we got a lot of interest from birth and maternity professionals eager to incorporate the deck into their practices and retail offerings. We quickly started accepting wholesale orders from retail stores, hospitals, universities, non-profits, midwives, nurses, obstetricians, chiropractors, doulas, physical therapists, birth educators, acupuncturists and IBCLCs. It’s a profound honor to be a trusted resource for our practitioner & retail partners.

As an extension of our mission to build confidence in as many birthing families as possible, we are making wholesale opportunities accessible via Faire. We’re proud to be among the 20,000+ independent brands selling on Faire.


Faire is a wholesale marketplace that makes it easy for you to order and reorder products for resale. Benefits to our partners (YOU) include:               

    • Free to join
    • Free returns on your first purchase with us
    • Order with Net 60 payment terms
    • $100 (or equivalent in your currency) off of your 1st order
    • Free shipping on all orders placed with thebirthdeck.faire.com for 1 year                    


Click our shop link - thebirthdeck.faire.com - to sign up for Faire now. Take a look through all of our wholesale products on our shop page, save items for later, and place orders whenever it’s convenient for you.

We’re looking forward to partnering with you. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Sara, Author of The Birth Deck