Is The Birth Deck a good gift?

100% YES! It's the perfect baby shower gift! The Birth Deck is designed to be easy to use and fun. It's not like a pregnancy or birth book because there is no homework, no studying, the recipient can just open and use it right away.

I'm planning to get an epidural, is The Birth Deck for me?

Yes! The Birth Deck has a wide variety of techniques to help you through labor, whether or not you're using pain management medication. 

I want to have a natural labor, is The Birth Deck for me?

Yes! The Birth Deck will take you from early labor through transition with a library of comfort measures for every stage of labor. 

Where can I use The Birth Deck?

The Birth Deck techniques can be used at hospital, birth center or home births. You can practice the techniques at home ahead of time if you care to.

My sister/mom/friend is going to support me in labor, can they use the birth deck?

Absolutely! The Birth Deck is designed to guide anyone and everyone who supports a woman through labor. It's clearly written and simply illustrated to show exactly how every technique works, no experience necessary.

I'm pregnant, should I look through The Birth Deck, too?

Yes! Look through the deck and see what appeals to you. While you can't exactly predict what you're going to like in labor, there will be some things that stand out to you. Share these cards with your support person and practice the techniques together. The MIND techniques are particularly powerful when practiced beforehand and can easily be practiced by yourself. 

I'm a single mom, can I use The Birth Deck?

Yes! You are so smart to look for solid comfort measures for labor. The Birth Deck's MIND techniques will guide you through visualizations, relaxing hypnosis scripts and breathing techniques. The Deck will support you by suggesting SUPPORT measures like hydration and aromatherapy. The MOVE techniques are great no matter how many people are involved in your labor. Let the Deck be your personal guide to comfort in labor and hand a MASSAGE card to a kind nurse or midwife who can give your lower back some love when you need it. You've got this, Mama!!  


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