Simple Pantry Swaps to Make Comfort Food Health and Delicious!

We're in a love/hate relationship with carbs...

Ah, comfort food. The universal paradox. Food designed to provide comfort in times of stress or exhaustion yet subsequently ends up leaving us stressed and exhausted… and often with a tighter waistband. But what if comfort food left you feeling cozy in your heart and your skinny (prenatal) jeans? We’re here to tell you that it is, in fact, possible. And no, it doesn’t involve draining your bank account at a trendy vegan restaurant that promises “healthy dairy-free, gluten-free, guilt-free, calorie-free, flatulence-free nachos!”. Oh yeah, we’ve all fallen for it. Instead, try these clean pantry swaps that will take your comfort food to the next level. You’ll be the next Gwyneth before you know it.  

Instead of: Rice
Try: Right Rice

Let’s be honest, we don’t make stew or curry because we love stew and curry. We make it to eat it over a bowl of warm fluffy rice that absorbs all of that tomato sauce or creamy coconut milk. Don’t ditch this crucial part of the meal. Instead, try Right Rice. This is a brand of rice available at most grocery stores or online that will give you the same sensation without the empty carbs. These tiny rice-like beads are actually made of protein-rich beans! Available in flavors like harvest pilaf and cajun spice, we promise you won’t notice a difference. 

Right Rice

Instead of: Bread
Try: Siete Grain-Free Tortillas 

Much like rice, bread is often the vehicle for the delicious source of fat we want to spread on top of it. And we’re telling you that butter, avocado and peanut butter pair flawlessly with these healthy tortillas. They have several different flavors sourced from either coconut, cassava or cashew flour. Lighten up Taco Tuesday with this imperceptible swap and maybe a skinny margarita. 

Siete Foods Tortillas

Instead of: Spaghetti 
Try: Hearts of “Palmini”

Okay, hear us out. Much like cauliflower will never be rice, hearts of palm will never be spaghetti. But this brand is damn near close. Simply pop open a can of Palmini to find tender, juicy hearts of palm that have been spiralized into long linguine-like noodles. Toss in a pan with olive oil, turkey bacon, some good quality parmesan and finish with egg yolk. Can you say, healthy carbonara? Be sure to swallow that massive bite before you try. 


If you're finding that the foods you once loved no longer agree with your body, or you're finding that the work you're putting in isn't showing results, it could be time to consult a dietitian! Read more about why we love ours, here!

Instead of: Cheese
Try: Nutritional Yeast

This magic seasoning has been the secret of dairy-free sauces for centuries. And yes, there’s even a section of nutritional yeast recipes on NYTimes Cooking. The flaky, savory, nutty flavor provides the exact umami you’ll find on movie theater popcorn. Not only is it dairy-free, it’s a prominent source of B-12 along with all the other B vitamins. Use it on popcorn, blended into a cashew cheese, sprinkled on a kale salad and definitely on a bowl of pasta (or Palmini!). Once you join the nutritional yeast cult (or “nooch”, as the cult members call it) you’ll be carrying it around in your purse for emergencies. 

Nutritional Yeast 

Not sold yet? Check out this article on mindbodygreen about a few more healthy swaps to make your tastebuds water... #yum.