Prenatal Massage 101: Techniques to Soothe Your Pregnant Partner


“There’s no reason for dads to freak out about offering their partner some healing touch…”

“Prenatal massage is helpful to ease the muscular and skeletal strain pregnant women experience as they grow a new human inside of them. But most massages take two — the massaged and the masseur. Luckily, for many moms-to-be (particularly during a pandemic), there’s an extra set of magic hands in the house, attached to their loving partner. The even better news is when expecting parents engage in prenatal massage not only does it provide relief for minor pregnancy discomforts, it also helps fathers-to-be build connection, intimacy, and awareness with their partner and their unborn child.

Importantly, mothers-to-be can, and should, get a massage from the very beginning of pregnancy, as long as it does not include vigorous abdominal pressure, according to prenatal massage therapist and doula Sara Lyon, founder of Glow Birth & Body prenatal massage spas.”