Maven Mamas Blog: Q&A with Sara Lyon, Creator of The Birth Deck

Q&A with Sara Lyon 

Originally published on Maven Mamas Blog Jan 1, 2019

Can you tell us 3 things about you?
I lived in Melbourne, Australia for 5 years following college.
My oldest child calls me Mama Chicken, which started as my husband’s joke #thanksdude.
I’ve never had male colleagues - I’ve only ever worked alongside women since my teenage years (I was born in 1982).

What’s on your nightstand?
Waaayyyyy too much crap: Kindle, Luminous Void Tarot Deck, Moon Phase Journal by Cocorrina, stack of unopened mail, tissue box. To say it’s not Pinterest Perfect would be an understatement.

Favorite piece of wisdom that you’ve received as a mother?
They’ll be fine (the kids).

What are you reading?
Busy Philipps’ This Will Only Hurt a Little

What are you listening to (podcast, Spotify playlist)?
Podcasts: Nursing & Cursing and The Kitchen Sisters Present
Spotty Playlist: Boho & Chill by Spotify

Your favorite place on earth?
Nelson, New Zealand

Tell us about your Wisdom in the Mama app?
I find myself trapped in a cycle of trying hard and then wondering if I’m trying hard enough. It’s stupid. I’m over it. It generates stress to no good end. I’m actively trying to retrain my brain for positivity: what am I succeeding at? It’s leaving more energy to enjoy my kids as well as my personal pursuits when I’m not working.

How do you make time for you?
I schedule it in and if my partner can’t cover me, I pay for childcare to cover it. It’s valuable enough to me that I will hustle harder professionally in order to afford time for myself. I don’t make excuses to my kids and I never apologize for taking time for myself. I always love my kids deeply, but I like them more when I’m in a good place.

Do you believe in balance?
Yes, but it’s fickle and must be constantly tended. My friend’s dad calls it his “Therapeutic Index” - how much of any given thing is toxic or beneficial to your overall experience? It’s different for every person. So, one mama may love working from home and scheduling her calls during baby’s nap time, however, it’s really hard for me to feel effective in that type of arrangement. I have to recognize that, own it and then make decisions with that in mind.

How are you contributing to the mama-universe?  How do you empower mamas?
My professional life is ever-dedicated to empowering mamas through birth education and prenatal & postpartum massage therapy at Glow Birth & Body. I hope that our newest product, The Birth Deck, will improve birth support for people everywhere, no matter where they live or what their budget is. You can find us on Instagram @thebirthdeck.

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Sara Lyon founded Glow Birth & Body in 2010 as a childbirth educator, doula and massage therapist. Nearly 10,000 clients later, Glow continues to thrive as the preeminent prenatal massage source in the Bay Area with a team of 8 massage therapists specializing in the perinatal period. And Sara’s latest venture, The Birth Deck, is a compilation of 50 super effective comfort techniques for childbirth housed in a deck of cards. Find out more at www.thebirthdeck.com and www.glowbirthandbody.com. Join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook @thebirthdeck