Keeping Pregnancy Sexy: A List of Dates, Positions & Wellness Tips to Spice Things Up

Pregnancy: it might not be something you naturally think of as sexy. Lucky for you, though, most partners will find a new adoration for you after seeing your body carry and grow a child. While it may not seem like the hottest thing while watching models strut during NYFW- we’ve got some tips to help you, and your partner, feel sexy during pregnancy.


At-Home Dates To Try Now

Get Massages. Have a masseuse come to your house and give you a couples massage. And yes, they come with their own tables! Alternatively, take turns giving massages with your partner. Candles and massage oil required. No skimping here!


Go on a Picnic. A handful of picnic companies have been popping up to address the restaurant closures this year. Whether you want to hire one, or set it up yourself, it’s the perfect weekend activity. Tips for setting up your own picnic: brings blankets, pillows, Trader Joes cheeses, and a low table if possible. Don’t forget a speaker with some French Jazz in the background. Go around sunset, and voila!


Indulge in all your favorite foods. Pregnancy cravings are real. So why not have a night devoted to fulfilling them? Order all of you and your partner’s favorite guilty cravings. Enjoy with a movie! Alternatively, if you’re feeling up to it, get in the car and play rock paper scissors- the first to win picks the restaurant to pick up appetizers from. Play again. The second winner picks entrees. Next, dessert!


Go on a Babymoon. Traveling right now is starting to ease up, but still take precautions and stay within your comfort zone/ city requirements- several Airbnb’s have reopened with strict cleaning protocols. Have a lowkey babymoon locally. Bring cleaning supplies, pillow cases, slippers, and your own toiletries to be extra clean when walking around the unit!


Have a Game Night. We’re huge fans of We’re Not Really Strangers. If you don’t own it already, buy it and the relationship expansion Pack. Write down some of your favorite answers and cherish this alone time you have with your partner before the baby arrives.


Sex Positions

The Spoon. Lie down on your side and have your partner enter from behind. It’s low impact on your belly and bladder, and easy on the tummy during any trimester. Some even say it’s the best position for the third trimester!


Edge of the Bed. Liie down, face-up on the edge of the bed. Have your partner sit on his knees and enter from that position. This way, you can control the movement and also sit comfortably!


Standing. Have your partner stand behind you. Can be done in the shower, hallway, kitchen… You name it. Go at it, mama!


Go on the Bottom. Yes, you heard us right! Sex while being on bottom doesn’t have to be high impact on your baby. Put a pillow under your hips to prop yourself up. You can also put your hands on your partner’s hips to begin if you’re worried about them going too deep. Once you get into a flow, your pelvic muscles will relax, and you can remove your hands as a guard.  


A little uneasy about getting going again in bedroom? We’ve got you covered. Read our article where we get down and dirty, answering all of the sex-while-pregnant questions you might be too afraid to ask.


Wellness Tips

Prenatal Vitamins

Don’t get us started. Okay, never mind, get us started. Prenatals are something you should absolutely take, but please research them. The amount of variation in each vitamin is, quite frankly, surprising- and unfortunately some doctors don’t fully know what’s in the ones they’re recommending. On a trip to the drugstore, you’ll see that some have B12 levels of 100, and others ranged all the way up to 3,500 percent of the recommended daily dose. In other words, they’re all over the place.

 One thing to keep on your radar is any trace of heavy metals; even in small, small amounts, they have been linked to decreased growth in infants, decreased I.Q., and developmental problems, and can be found in prenatal vitamins. Do your research (but ultimately trust your practitioner’s advice!).


Here are some prenatal vitamins we recommend:

  1. Ritual Essential Prenatal Vitamins: The next-generation prenatal with 12 key nutrients for before and during pregnancy.

  2. Pure Encapsulation PreNatal Nutrients Vitamins: A multivitamin/mineral complex for pregnancy and lactation  



Love changes and travels through stages during life. The love we experienced as a teenager, the love we experience with our friends and family, and the love we experience with our life partner all correlate but intensely vary. Love, too, goes through changes during pregnancy. There’s a lot of new feelings in the mix, but most importantly- the addition of a new member to the family.

Did you ever have a moment where you felt left out, or the third wheel when you were in high school? Yep, us too. We’ve all been there, and it’s not a great feeling. Oddly enough, the bond you have with your baby growing is different than the one your partner is feeling- naturally, it’s because you’re the one growing the baby! Partners can feel intimidated or even left out – after all, they don’t have the same inner relationship that you have. And on top of that, they might be missing out on some affection from you.

Studies have shown that mothers are able to fulfill their sense of intimacy through contact with their children, which leaves partners feeling abandoned at times. Your first trimester may bring nausea, fears of miscarriage, and general discomfort- so don’t stress yourself out. But try to keep in mind that your partner, too, needs affection during the process.



Cherish the beginning of your pregnancy; don’t push yourself to exercise before you’re ready. Everything is always about balance, so it’s key to listen to your body through your pregnancy. While being pregnant, you’re going to have to tap into a whole new set of skills to feel what your body is going through. Whether you were an athlete and frequent exerciser prior to pregnancy or never hit the gym, there is one rule we require here: you will only start working out when and how your practitioner allows you to. And past that, it’ll be all about you and listening to what your body needs. Also, remember to redefine what “exercise” is while pregnant. For many, this can mean just taking walks and moving around. It doesn’t mean a full Barry’s class!



Mama, you need sex! Yes, you heard us right. No, your baby will not feel it, the semen will not poison it, and you will be totally okay (of course, this is assuming a normal pregnancy, so please consult with your practitioner). But sex is essential for you to enjoy yourself and remain connected with your partner. Try exploring this through touch, massages, and connecting if you’re not “in the mood”. Expect to not feel sexy during your first trimester- which is totally okay. Talk it through with your partner and find joy in the new ways of connecting.