Learn About Birth Education: Lamaze and Birthing From Within

What are the differences between birth education methods? Our series on birth education courses highlights the most well known prenatal courses available in America and describes what makes each one unique. 

Today we're highlighting Lamaze and Birthing from Within. Read our post about HypnoBirthing vs. Hypnobabies here.

Learning about childbirth will make a difference in your birth experience, but consider your options before you invest because courses can be very different from one another. No matter what you choose, remember that a lot of the info will go out the window as soon as that first contraction hits because #adrenaline.

You can rely on The Birth Deck to act as your cheat sheet in labor. The Birth Deck will support all the methods listed below and can be used as a reminder of many of the techniques you will learn in your class and teach you so many more!


The Birth Deck by Glow

Lamaze- The most popular course in America, Lamaze will give you a full rundown on the birth process including physiology of birth, potential complications, supportive comfort techniques and more. The Lamaze difference is a specific set of rhythmic breathing techniques. Lamaze also boasts a six-step approach to help reduce fear and increase healthy birth outcomes for mama and baby. While Lamaze does primarily teach natural pain management techniques, there is no bias against medical management of pain like an epidural. The courses run a minimum of 12 hours. 

Birthing from Within- Instead of looking at pregnancy and birth only from a physiological and psychological perspective, Birthing from Within approaches it as a spiritual and cultural right of passage. By integrating journaling and artwork these classes aim to reduce potential trauma and allow for creative self-expression during these months of extreme self-discovery. Birthing from Within courses are comprehensive as they cover physiology of birth, potential complications and the general course of labor. Courses are between 10 - 18 hours and are customized for each couple.