Coping with Pregnancy Anxiety during the Pandemic

The process of bringing new life into this world is one that deserves to be joyful, secure, and full of exciting anticipation. But what about when the world itself is uncertain, hazardous, and full of new rules and regulations? We cannot ignore the ways in which our lives must change and adapt given the strange circumstances our world is facing. We also believe your pregnancy can still be a beautiful expression of the female experience and you deserve nothing less. Which is why we are offering a few simple daily habits that may alter your experience for the better:


Create A Sacred Morning Routine

A morning routine that you look forward to the night before and gets you out of bed the next day is something worth cultivating. A few simple moments taken for yourself can set the tone for your entire day. So, be protective and even a little selfish about this time- after all, it is for you. You’re growing a tiny human in your own body, for goodness sake. We suggest starting with either morning breaths or meditation followed by a skincare routine you absolutely love. We challenge you to not check your phone the first thing in the morning- studies have actually found it causes anxiety that lingers through the day when you read emails as soon as you wake up. Try to go a full hour without looking at your phone- set your alarm, or buy an old fashion alarm if you think you’ll feel tempted, and do your best to start your morning naturally. Then go ahead and indulge in that 200 milligrams of caffeine while catching up on your favorite podcast (check out the Armchair Expert Pod if you’re into laughing and soul searching, which we know you are).


Incorporate Adaptogens Into Your Diet

If you haven’t heard this buzz word around your local health food store or a wellness blog by now, it’s time to get into it. Adaptogens are super herbs and mushrooms (not those kinds of mushrooms) that grow in harsh climates which they’ve learned to adapt. Because they’ve developed this radical adaptation, once they are ingested into the body, they help us adapt to whatever harsh climate we are facing such as stress, lack of sleep, and muscle strain. They find what we need and adapt. Pretty cool, huh? They are often in powder form and go deliciously well with coffee, tea, and smoothies. Some examples are ashwagandha, Shatavari, and maca. Keep it simple by trying out this adaptogenic wellness blend in capsule form, Super You from Moon Juice, proven to reduce cortisol over time by 30%.  

Super You


Connect The Mind And Body

It’s easy to forget that we store emotions in neglected parts of our body. Tight muscles and achy joints are not just caused by exercise or overexertion. Release whatever your body may be holding onto by using a foam roller. Lay on the floor, belly up and place the roller vertically between your shoulder blades. Release your arms out wide and gently roll back and forth, opening up the chest. Breath deeply into this heart-opening exercise and you may be surprised with what comes up. Roll with it.

Foam Roller


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Look, we know that all the tips and tricks in the world will not be able to soothe inevitable stress. Fear, uncontrollable emotions, and future tripping are abundant during pregnancy even without a global pandemic present. But that’s where we’re at right now. And this will always be your story to tell. And you’ve got this.